Balance MTR™ Magnetic Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis elbow is one of several repetitive injuries that can affect your elbow. The technical name for it is lateral epicondylitis.

The pain stems primarily from the point where the tendon of the forearm muscle attaches to the outside (lateral epicondyal) of the elbow. It can also spread down your forearm and into wrist wrist.

The Balance™ magnetic thermal reactive (MTR) magnetic tennis elbow brace relieves moderate tennis elbow pain, eases strain on the tendon and speeds healing so arm function is restored faster.

MTR magnetic tennis elbow brace and supports have an patented thermal comfort system that provides outstanding benefits. It works with the magnetic fields by

  • Maintaining the ideal level of therapeutic body heat needed to increase blood flow to the area
  • By removing perspiration and excess body heat to prevent overheating so you can wear the brace longer, increasing the effectiveness of the magnetic fields
Measure around your arm, 2" below the elbow
Product # Size Waist Measurement
OS423 S 9½" - 10½"
OS424 M 10¾" - 11¾"
OS425 L 12" - 13"
OS426 XL 13¼" - 14¼"

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